How To Write a Programming Book

How Not to Write a Programming Book

2x + 10 = 20
2x = 10
x = 5
2x + 10 = 20 (given)We want to isolate x from the numbers, so we're going to subtract 10 from both sides of the equation.2x + 10 =  20
- 10 = -10
2x = 10
Now that x is isolated on one side of the equation, we want to reduce 2x to only x, which will leave us with x on one side of the equal sign and the value for x on the other.We'll do this by dividing both sides by 2. This will cancel the 2 in 2x leaving us with x.2x = 10
-- --
2 2
x = 5

How to Teach

  1. Take the student from where they are to where you want to take them one micro-baby step at a time for the whole trip explaining yourself before each and every step while never skipping a single step or leaving anything out.
  2. Never give a student a solution to a problem they don’t have.
  3. Simulate discovery whenever possible.
  4. Concrete models are far more powerful than Abstract ones.

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